Curriculum – Personally Delivered Online

Curriculum – Personally Delivered Online

To get the most out of these talks please be lightly masturbating while you listen for a heightened experience.

1. The 15-minute orgasm, for those who seek an ultimate experience

2. Relaxants and stimulants for more enjoyable masturbation and orgasms

3. Licking, cunnilingus

4. Social masturbation – for those who would like to be part of a circle

5. Masturbation for natural relaxation and relieving anxiety

20. Joint venturing with those whom you masturbate with

21. Love One Another, Not One Other

22. Selling the book: GTCMM/SHeBible

23. Spirexual masturbation for blessings

24. Orgasms as whores.hip

25. Orgasm in company

26. The mystical initiation of the fuck. Fillies under company of the King.

36. The undoctrinality of marriage and why it should be avoided

37. Relationship Agreements

38. Handling Your Finances

39. Law Therapy

40. Wiping out your loans and debts within days

41. Love one another, not one other, parallels rather than sequential

6. Masturbation doctrines

7. Masturbation for blessings, that blessings may abound

8. Where and with whom to masturbate

9. Taking the initiative

10. Masturbating networking

11. Spiritual sex: spex

12. How to start a loving masturbation ministry

13. Masturtalking

27. Masturbation as celebration and blessing an event or agreement

28. Enhanced masturbation

29. Masturbation tricks and techniques

30. Masturbations as an obligatory sacred rite and key to blessings

31. Self-masturbation and misstrebation of others as honour and tribute

32. Hosting masturbation events on your bed

42. Masturbating and fornicating with a true believer holy blessing man who has studied to show himself approved

14. Nude socializing and masturgreeting

15. Oracling

16. Whores.hipping and fellows.hipping

17. W.h.o.r.e.s. and s.l.u.t.s in O.r.g.a.s.m.ianity

18. Masturbation as outreach and evaginalization

19. Loving your neighbour as yourself, with all your strength

33 . Masturbation as your duty to love your neighbours as you love and make love to yourself

34. Orgams as whores.hip

35.  Maximun and prolific perpetual enwettenment, engorgement and masturbation and fornication, as eternally naked whoreship and fellowship and outreach, with all those you are infilled to like who quite like you, Goddess’s plan for blessings after the orders of grand matriarchs Eve and Rahab.

Learn New Ways to Masturbate and Meet New Friends to Masturbate With
Please send this link on to 20 ladies that you know might be interested.
This is an ongoing project which comes at no cost for those ladies who love to masturbate and be licked who would like to “join”.

This is for Sydney-based aspiring goddesses and priestesses and priestesstitutes who would like to serve in the service of Goddess according to the Great Commandment, the Second Commandment, the New Commandment and the Great Commission and who have infilled desire for hands on, physical real loving.

This is:
• A learning and masturbation academy for women who very much would like to know how to make their masturbation sessions very much more enjoyable and meet other likeminded women, and men, with whom to share intimate and intense masturbation sessions and whatever comes thereafter.

• For women who, during this time of Coronavirus, are housebound who would like to perfect their masturbation skills and love to pass the extra time masturbating and would like to learn how to enjoy their masturbation devotions more, perhaps with others as ‘fillie.ship’.

• For women who, in all honesty, regard the regular practice of masturbation as important and for whom masturbation has a high ritual priority each day.

• For women who view their masturbation sessions as spirexual devotions and sacred sacraments.

• For women for whom masturbation and sex are mystical experiences and communion.

• For women who masturbate perhaps many times per day.

• For women who find the idea of being part of a masturbation circle stimulating, arousing, exciting and relaxing.

• For women seeking local loving girl or guy mutual masturbation partners.

Note: there is currently a complimentary, understanding, male voice, day or evening, guided, masturbation to orgasm service on 0419 605 365 for those studied women who regard regular masturbation as very important and are wanting phone assistance/company from time to time to masturbate and achieve empowerment orgasms for recreational, stress reduction/relaxational, therapeutic, healing (emotional or physical), fantasizing, spir-exual ritual, whores.hip, fellows.hip, outreach or blessing-generation so that true believer inner-temple-pussy-blessings may abound and the day or night or a special venture be blest.
If this is you, for ‘you and yours’ type reasons, you are welcome to cumclaim your empowering pussy orgasms!

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