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Dr David noticed that there appears to be no one working in the fields of masturbation, orgasm and squirting for women. He believes there are a great many women who take their masturbation most seriously and thoroughly enjoy and treasure masturbation, orgasm and squirting. Many even treat these activities as sacred devotional rituals to be practised daily. Many, if not all, women would like to optimize, heighten and intensify their sensations in this very personal area, both solo and joint, and perhaps communal, and share experiences with others.

Dr David’s particular doctoral certificates allow him to work as a coordinator and facilitator in this neglected, but extremely important area for many women.

Dr David would like to make this school a masturbation academy where women can meet like minded others to share experiences, knowledge and tips and do so through such an institution run by a male doctor, as an alternative to a women. Dr David has had previous experience as chief researcher and owner of Sydney’s Adams for Ladies Only and for a few years ran Sydney Nudists In Home Social Dining Events.

Dr David grew up with older sisters and so prefers to work as a priestitute and provide services to women rather then men. Dr David wishes to start this service with a number of free talks from the syllabus with women on particular female masturbatory and orgasmic topics and themes. David envisions a social aspect to the academy where masturbation and orgasm addicted women can meet up.

Although Doctor David understands that many women masturbate for reasons of relaxation, stress reduction, recreation, celebration, excitation, in anticipation of sex and the like, he is particularly interested in those special women, goddesses and preistesstitutes who see their masturbation as a sacred rite.

Of those who understand masturbation is sacred whoreship and creative blessing generation he is interested in those who notice that when they masturbate or cum or whores.hip they receive a vivid secret message just for them which is very inspirational. Of those he is interested in those women who have been writing down those messages in a secret journal, (as I have been for years, soon to be a book), wondering where those messages come from???

Now God.dess has commenced this spirexual teaching ministry in masturbation for those attuned blessed women to be at last able to share their imparted spirexual messages they have been writing down.

Hopefully our Magdalene masturbation ministry will discover many of those secret, divinely imparted messages some, or maybe all, women receive in the sacred rite of masturbation, and they may start to, anonymously if needs be, share them and use them evaginalistic Magdalene outreach and be tought ot others, which is their purpose, that blessings may abound.

It is presumed that many women will have an understanding of these things and be willing to share at a spirexual level, that blessings may abound for them and theirs.

Doctor David is a law therapist and co-auther of the forthcoming book: The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene. He lives in the Asherah Magdalene Temple in Concord NSW and is an acolyte of the Order of Eve and Order of Rahab. Ascending goddesses, priestesstitutes and women who have an understanding of these matters are welcome to visit or stay over in the Temple for purposes of day or evening spirexual blessing generation, healing and enrichment.

If you would like to ask Dr David some questions, please leave a name and your number and an email address. Or simply text me a message to ring you and when.

A questionnaire is also available on the website for you to fill in for added benefits.

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