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Dr David noticed that there appears to be no one working in the fields of masturbation, orgasm and squirting for women. He believes there are a great many women who take their masturbation most seriously and thoroughly enjoy and treasure masturbation, orgasm and squirting. Many even treat these activities as sacred devotional rituals to be practised daily. Many, if not all, women would like to optimize, heighten and intensify their sensations in this very personal area, both solo and joint, and perhaps communal, and share experiences with others. Dr David's particular doctoral certificates allow him to work as a coordinator and facilitator in this neglected, but extremely important area for many women.

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Some important listening on masturbation, squirting and orgasms:

The Orgasm Gap (Life Changes) 

Masturbation Techniques for Girls

Girls that engage themselves in sexual activities have a goal set at the back of their minds “orgasm” that amazing pleasure that climaxes the sexual excitement and of course you agree with me that it’s worth it.

Most girls think that after they squirt or ejaculate they’ve reached their orgasm.

Technically, it’s a completely detached operation from orgasm. What they don't know is that people do squirt without orgasming and surprisingly, you can as well orgasm without squirting. Well, it does not come easily but here are tips on how to reach your orgasm.

The Clitoris

This tiny nerve dense structure plays a huge role in orgasm other than just seating on top of the virginal opening. Just by rubbing it gently you’ll automatically feel awesome. This is where you apply more pressure twirling over the clit.

The G - Spot

Unlike the clit this orgasmic spot is located inside the vagina. Unlike no other spot the stimulation in this area leads to a need to pee like feeling. Why don’t you pee before engaging in this to make sure you are on the safe side. Gently slide your finger inside the vagina. You’ll find a spot that’s fluted in texture, stop there. Some girls will love it when they directly stimulate it or by applying pressure on the sensitive area, either way, you’ll have your orgasm.

Melded orgasm

Once you’ve mastered the G – Spot and the clitoral orgasm, you can achieve a melded orgasm by just stimulating your clit and the G – Spot. You’ll need to use both hands. One hand finger should be rubbing your clit while the other massaging your G Spot simultaneously.

The Anal

The back door stimulation can blaze up the clitoris basically because the legs of the clit do stretch all the way back to the anus. Most girls don’t approve of this but when you push your finger inside the canal and push towards the direction of the belly button. You will have the same chance of stimulating the central nerve zone.


It is true that most girls have had breast – based orgasm say that it truly works. Girls prefer siphoning, licking or tweaking their nipples rather than full – on grabbing because once they're stimulated, there is the discharge of oxytocin that causes the contraction of the vagina which is linked with orgasm.

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Clickhere to listen to our first anonymous masturbation consultation with Ms Anonymous #1

If you are a lady who loves her beautiful, beautiful devotional and most sacred masturbation sessions then you are welcome to ring in, from wherever you are, to Dr David who has a growing specialty in interactive guided masturbation consultations. I plan to do about five different masturbation sessions per month for you to interactively masturbate along to.
My anonymous masturbation sessions can be conducted by phone or by appointment or in person with Dr David at my studio pad in Sydney. Guided sessions can be recorded for all to masturbate along to and enjoy, or be unrecorded if you prefer, or recorded purely for your own re-listening pleasure.
Dr David 0419 605 365, +61419 605 365
Click here to listen to our first sacred masturbation session with Elle Creme for all multi-orgasmic ladies to masturbate along to.

Click here for you to masturbate along to:

1) Dr David's first masturbation session with Elle Creme (50 minutes)

2) Dr David's first masturbation session with Minxy (30 minutes)

Please send the webpage link to other ladies to masturbate along with. Please send us your comments and experiences.

Ladies are welcome to email me similar recorded examples of their sacred masturbation sessions and activities.


Curriculum – Personally Delivered Online

To get the most out of these talks please be lightly masturbating while you listen for a heightened experience.

1. The 15-minute orgasm, for those who seek an ultimate experience

2. Relaxants and stimulants for more enjoyable masturbation and orgasms

3. Licking, cunnilingus

4. Social masturbation – for those who would like to be part of a circle

5. Masturbation for natural relaxation and relieving anxiety

6. Masturbation doctrines

7. Masturbation for blessings, that blessings may abound

8. Where and with whom to masturbate

9. Taking the initiative

10. Masturbating networking

11. Spiritual sex: spex

12. How to start a loving masturbation ministry

13. Masturbation doctrines

14. Nude socializing and masturgreeting

15. Oracling

16. Whores.hipping and fellows.hipping

17. W.h.o.r.e.s. and s.l.u.t.s in O.r.g.a.s.m.ianity

18. Masturbation as outreach and evaginalization

19. Loving your neighbour as yourself, with all your strength

Case Histories

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